Love this dress: Gucci Cutout silk-blend dress.

So, we've arrived at the Million Dollar question...who has 2,030 British pounds to spare? You know you want to.



Transitions into a better NOW.

Talk about too much to wear and too little time! AKA story of my life (closet).

I have to admit that if there is any real 'transition' period going on in my life, it's probably now and right now to be precise. At the moment, I feel as though I'm juggling a lot of opportunities and possibilities which could ultimately alter exactly how my life could be in the next year and this is slightly strange because I've come from the girl who was always so focused and now, there's just way too much coming to me and if anything, I am in desperate need of a break.

However, one thing still stays true. I'm always on the search to make more money. How very entrepreneurial of me right? I know people say that the best things in life are free and I completely agree (to a point) but it is undeniable that without money, it is extremely difficult to enjoy your life to the greatest potential if you've always got to consider how much things cost, especially in an expensive city like Sydney where everything costs something.

As a result, I've started my own eBay store where I can sell some beautiful pieces from my closet which I have either bought and never worn or worn once and discarded. I realised that if there is any way for me to slowly merge into the person I wish to become, I need to get organised and rearrange my life quick smart. There are times I go into my closet and as beautiful as the pieces are, I honestly cannot appreciate them because they are scattered on the closet floor (a'la Carrie Bradshaw) and as a result, I feel like I'm devaluating a beautiful item that I originally paid quite a lot of money for. My parents say that I don't appreciate them because I've never really had to 'do-without' and as a result, I feel the need to prove to myself (and them) that I can appreciate things and I can be proactive about my life. All for the better, of course.

I've put the link to my eBay store below so that you can check it out. I've listed things cheaply so you'll be sure to get a very stylish bargain. I really do feel like this is Step One of cleansing my life. And do let me tell you now that it is a mighty good feeling. And I feel like it can only get better from now.

Visit: The Front Row Show Luxe

This divine Roberto Cavalli inspired piece is just one of the many available on my new eBay account. Check out that gorgeous print!



Sydney winter vs Other winter.

The texture of the luscious fur, the opaque tights and perfect ankle boots make the ultimate chic winter look.

In Sydney, I find that winter is usually a very lazy season in which we do without late nights out at cocktail bars and instead late nights in bed or at the very least, we catch up over chocolate fondue and wood-fired pizzas as opposed to alfresco dining. We trade our vintage printed sundresses and sandals in favour of flats, boots, coats and scarves. Remarkably boring stuff. In winter, I usually like to dress in all black (which is something I also do in summer, seasonal changes don't really affect my common sense as you can tell) so think chic cigarette leather pants, man style Ralph Lauren shirts with a fitted RL blazer, patent leather ankle boots and woolly scarf usually does the trick but then again, this is Sydney winter and that's definitely looking at lows of 8 degrees with highs of 15 degrees not -3 with highs of 4 degrees. Quite the contrast.

I have this great black mink fur coat from Russia which my grandmother gave me last year. As luscious and luxurious as it is, it's way over the top for a Sydney winter whose style is about understated, effortless chic. A fur coat would also alert PETA and I know this because I live in a very stylish but eco-friendly suburb so for me to prance in fur (vintage or not) might not be the wisest thing I do in my life.

I can't exactly confirm anything right now but if my instincts serve me right, I can most likely say that I am preparing to forego the hot Sydney summer season in favour of an incredibly cooler weather to add to my seasonal palette sometime later. Can you guess where I might be headed?
Welcome to the city of chic.


On my Christmas Wish-list.

Pretty self explanatory post. What's on your wish list?

1. Hermes twilly scarf: Covetable, collectable and ultimate luxury.
2. Charlotte Olympia heels: Move over Louboutin, there's a new heel in town.
3. Gold Rolex watch: Telling the time will be so much more luxe.
4. YSL cocktail ring: Iconic knuckle-duster for added statement.
5. Isabel Marant jacket: Parisian effortless chic. Need I say more?
6. Christopher Kane dress: The ultimate party dress.
7. Alexander Wang bag: The 'it' bag of the downtown jet-set. Love the colour.
8. Elle Macpherson Intimates: Sexiness with a touch of class.
9. Givenchy gold croc-embossed Nightingale bag: A bold twist on a new classic.
10. Airline tickets to NYC: This will be the cherry on top of a good year.


Best cheap & chic XMAS fashion gift ideas.

There's nothing like the feeling I get when I receive anything from Tiffany & Co in that iconic blue box. Holly Golightly would be proud.

I know that many of my readers don't work in fashion however like everyone they live and breathe it and simultaneously they too would love a taste of affordable luxury. Being an avid shopper (and in their Topshop shoes once upon a time) I've selected my favourite Christmas luxury stocking stuffers that won't blow the budget. Perfect to buy for a friend and with a little spare change so you can spoil yourself as well.

1. Chanel nail polish (www.chanel.com): AUD $39.

If there's any fashion house that screams luxury, it'll definitely have to be Chanel. Okay, so you probably missed out on the Chanel skin art but never fear, designer nail polish is NEVER out of fashion (and you can quote me on that). From the label that brought 'greige' onto the 'it' scene and on the fingers of socialites, fashion people and the 'it' girls alike, it's no wonder why I collect these Chanel nail polishes. What's not to love about a little bit of Chanel cheap & chic?
2. Christian Lacroix Papier: From $29.99+AUD

Lacroix Papier first caught my attention on a department store catalogue and since then, I've never looked back for affordable and artistic stationary. I could spend hours just writing in the cute signature Lacroix note books complete with monogrammed Christian Lacroix on the footer of each page. Designer note cards are also a part of this covetable collection. It is undoubtedly a true luxury to be able to write on designer paper and send your closest girlfriends Lacroix fashion illustration note cards which I'm positive they'll love.
3. Jessica Walker London Chocolates: From $5.95AUD

Chocolate is probably one of the most indulgent foods available and what better way to spoil yourself and a friend with divine Jessica Walker Chocolates in their pretty brown and white striped boxes? These are available in deluxe boxes or alternatively in (my favourite) heels and inside cute handbags. Sure, their not Godiva but Australian designer Leona Edmiston has collaborated with Jessica Walker to create the most perfect choc-a-lats! These sweet treats make the perfect stocking stuffer and I've never met someone whose said no to these delights before!
4. In Vogue: The Illustrated history of the World's most famous fashion magazine. (www.amazon.com)

Coffee table books are always a safe present option. Sure there are plenty of other ways to spend your money but coffee table books are what I like to consider as an oldie but a goodie. This In Vogue book is perfect for fashion photography lovers with a variety of fashion editorials and it's contributors include the one and only Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, therefore making this the ultimate book buy.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick (www.ysl-beauty.com).

This is the perfect lipstick for your to pucker up to someone special with. Silky, sensual and full of colour, Yves Saint Laurent is the epitome of chic and this lipstick does not disappoint. It's won many beauty awards and made it on the top of Allure and Glamour Magazines product list. Keep on trend with the haute-est pop of lip colour. The perfect accessory.
Happy Christmas Shopping!


The art of being well-heeled.

Dior, you know I love you but you're shoes are killing me! Not the Rachel Zoe 'I die' way either. Ouch!

The idea of fabulous and comfort are two words that I'd hardly put in the same sentence. I mean, if it's comfortable, how fabulous can it 'really' be? Surely not fabulous enough!

The party season has begun a little early and right now, I'm positive that every chic fashion girl is on the hunt for the ultimate pair of statement heels to take them from effortless garden lunches and alfresco dining straight into the sophistication of luxe cocktail parties where we stand eloquently and sip 'it' cocktails before making a fast getaway to dance the night away at a haute new speakeasy and such. Oh, the fabulous life.

The perfect pair of heels should be comfortable in the sense that wearing them for 30 seconds outside of the house should not cause immediate heel pain or discomfort. Sounds impossible but really, this is the making of every 'it' heel at the moment. I recently tried on a pair of sky-high Dolce and Gabbana velvet sculptural heels and to say my feet died is just putting it frankly. I could barely move because of both the instant pain and the fear that I was going to topple into the rows of Louboutins which seemed to stare at me as if daring me to complain! Talk about a fashion faux pas on my behalf. You'll be glad to know that I didn't get them.

There seems to be a new emergence of this 'ideal' of foldable flats. A PR company recently sent me a pair of foldable flats to review and as 'comfortable' as they were, I have to honestly admit that I find the concept just a little, okay a lot, tacky if not irritating. I mean, why spend a $1500 on a pair of amazing heels only to have to change into a pair of foldable flats? I know beauty is pain but there's nothing worse than wearing a beautiful dress which you've had to trade down because the accessories are just not 'with it'. I mean, is that not a huge fashion contradiction in it's own right?

I've seen 'those' girls at the Melbourne Cup race events who will look appropriate dressed up at the event in a pretty cocktail dress, fascinator and such but only once it's over does comfort rear it's ugly head and the heels are gone and thongs, of the Brazilian type, have replaced the heels immediately. From click clack comes flip flop. I honestly cringe at moments like that! It's not called 'Fashions on the field' for no reason!

So what's my ultimate luxe party season survivor heel? Louboutin peep toe platforms with extra pailettes (sequins) never ceases to get the job done! In both comfort, style and, my favourite, pizazz.
These sparkly, statement and dare I say, comfortable Christian Louboutins are my ultimate party season pick!